2019 Graduation CeremonyTop of Page

The 2019 ATLAS Graduation Ceremony will be held at the old theater in downtown Lincoln (now the Emmaus Church.)
This will the the first year ATLAS will have its own graduation ceremony separate from PHS.  
Graduation will be on Wednesday, June 5th at 5:00 and will last about 60 minutes. 
PHS Graduation will follow.
No tickets are needed and seating is first come first serve.
You are expected to be in ATLAS II on Wednesday, May 22nd from 9-11.  This is a ONE time deal and you are expected to make arrangements to be on site for those 2 hours.
By that day, you should have already used your rubric to practice your speech per the directions. 
Being prepared to deliver a mature practiced speech this day is an expectation for your diploma on 6/5.
Formal graduation practice will be on Tuesday, 6/4 at Emmaus from 8:30-10:30.
Graduates are expected to be at Emmaus at 4:30pm on Wednesday 6/5 to line up for the graduation ceremony.