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This is where you will find the most current information on Mini-Labs offered by your teachers.
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calculatorMath Mini Lab
A-G Credits for Math I and Algebra but NO A-G Credits for General Math Credits
Worth 3 Math I or Algebra credits
Open to students in Math I and Algebra first...then students in General Math classes
M-F 2/4-2/8 - Monday 8-10:15   T-F 8-11
Mrs. Gruber's Room #4
How To Get In:
Email Mrs. Gruber ASAP for a spot --
scienceEarth Science Mini-Lab 
Mandatory for A-G Earth Science Students
1/4 to 1/2 Credit for Non A-G Earth Science students &/or grading/removal of projects from Odysseyware
Wednesday 12/5 - Paleomagnetism and the Ocean Floor- 12:20 - 1:15   
Mr. Alcorn's Room #8
How To Get In:
Email Mr. Alcorn ASAP for a spot
globeGovernment Mini-Lab--
Friday, November 9th at 7AM Sharp (Pre-Meeting go Unit I & II )
T-F, November 27, 28, 29, 30 at 7AM Sharp
M-F, December 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 at 7AM Sharp
Mr. Nelson's Room #6
How To Get In:
Email Mr. Nelson ASAP for a spot
Fake News
All 9-12 Students
2 Credits (1 OW and 1 WP)
M-F 12/3-12/7 1st - 3rd Periods 
Mrs. Nelson's Room #1
How To Get In:
Email Mrs. Nelson ASAP for a spot