ATLAS Learning Academy

Personal Mission Statement Requirements:

Mission Statements must be shared BEFORE Wednesday, January 15th and delivered (with signature) by Thursday January 23rd at the LATEST for a credit:


  1. Type and share your Personal Mission Statement with Mr. Salinger on your WPUSD Google Document account.
  2. Add your first and last names to the upper left of the document.
  3. Watch for comments from Mr. Salinger just like a WP from Mrs. Nelson.----You may need to make changes or additions per the comments made on the document.
  4. When you get the "Finished" -->Print your Mission Statement
  5. Get your Parents Signatures on the back of the Mission Statement showing that you have shared it with them.
  6. Place the Personal Mission Statement in the FRONT pocket of the OUTSIDE of your ATLAS binder.
  7. Stop by Mr. Salinger's office by Thursday January 23rd at the LATEST for a credit:

This Personal Mission Statement should be shared with your Supervising Teacher once in your binder.  Please be prepared to use it as a guide with all of your core teachers as well as be prepared to utilize the vocabulary of the 7-Habits in work and discussions with your teachers and peers.