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If you have any questions or would like to set up a one-on-one meeting for help, email Mrs. Nelson to set up the next available time on Google Meet.  If you need help on an OW assignment, do NOT hit "Help" inside OW.  Instead, please email Mrs. Nelson with the lesson number and your question.

For the English classes this year, as we distance learn, when you are 100% done with an OW unit and at the Test, you will need to email Mrs. Nelson.  She will need 24 hours to get all the work in the unit graded to award the credit.  At that point, she will skip the test and the next unit will open up so that you can continue working.  Please be flexible and open as your teachers are trying to develop the best process for working with two school's of students.   

In each grade level English class you must earn 10 credits; five of your credits are earned by completing on-line OW units and five of your credits are earned writing 5-paragraph MLA formatted essays.