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If you are having trouble getting to your lessons:


Students MUST keep doing the same lesson until you pass it with a 70% or higher.   


The proper way to go to your lessons is by going to "Assignments," not "Courses.”  The assignment list will show all of the projects for that unit and ONE lesson.  That same lesson will be there until you get a 70% or better, or get a good enough score that you would get a 70% if all free responses were given full credit, or until you have taken the lesson 5 times.


Using the "Courses" tab is a good way to see all scores from the entire Unit or all upcoming assignments before the test.  But....when working you should ALWAYS use the "Assignment" tab.


Finally, if you are waiting for something to be graded (and see the yellow yield sign) you will be able to move on, but if you do not get a 70% or better after it is graded, it will pop back up on your assignments.


These videos are mandatory to watch before you start working on any Odysseyware work.


Odysseyware Orientation - 10:49

  • How to navigate screens and sections
  • Understanding what's due and when it's due to stay on track to finish your classes on time
  • Taking notes
  • Printing, dictionary, translation, text to speak


Assignments and Courses Menus - 3:10

  • Understanding what’s due and when it’s due to stay on track to finish your classes on time.


Using the Odysseyware Writer Tool - 3:23

  • Tricks and tips to turn in writing assignments